Be yourself. No matter how weird or quirky you may be.

The world has too many people who are the same, all have the same makeup and hair, beauty standards and opinions. But if you are just yourself and no one else, you can rise above the norm. Be the change you want to see in this dark and dismal world, a place where we don’t even want to bring new life into through fear that they will have to experience everything that we’ve jacked up for them.  I am no one but myself 100% of the time, and i am proud of what I have accomplished within myself. Don’t be embarrassed if you like to look at gif’s, meme’s or funny images, if they make you smile one minuet of your routine day, then that is time well spent. So remember, if you like memes, collecting soda caps or even those peanut shells that have already had the salt sucked out of them by your cousin Terry at your niece’s wedding in Albuquerque last summer, if your happy doing what your doing, then by golly you just keep right on doing it.


This message is approved by me, myself and I.


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